For the administrator

Administration for alerts, servers, machines cluster, users, connection to AD/LDAP...

For the search expert

Administration for fields weights, promolinks, statistics, synonyms, stopwords, deduplication...

For the user

Administration for alerts, likes (when a result is liked), favorites (storing a result)


The algorithms and their parameters can be customised (real time boosts, fields selection, fuzzy search...).

Why an administration interface ?

A search solution, it is a lot of human intervention to maintain the relevance at its best. After all, if Google does it for its own search engine, why wouldn't you ! Apache Solr provides many configuration capabilities, but they are accessible through XML or APIs. In Datafari, we add a graphical layer to allow for a non technical person (the search expert) to do its daily management, and to "give life" to its search engine.