• Customer : City of Montpellier
  • Date : 2015
  • Features : website, cloud

A cloud search solution for websites

France Labs configured and currently manages the search solution for the website of Montpellier, used by citizens and tourists. Based on Datafari, this solution allows to:

Search the entirety of the montpellier.fr website
Available 24/7
Relevance optimisation for selected pages
Usage statistics analysis

  • Customer : Amadeus
  • Date : 2013
  • Features : intranet, federated search

A solution for R&D teams

The department of Amadeus for which we are working wanted an easy collaboration tool. Instead of opting for a CMS or other collaboration tools, we suggested them to keep what their legacy systems, and to set up a properly configured enteprise search solution, Datafari
What we have installed:

Datafari for federated search
Access rights management
Source code indexing
File shares indexing
Intranet portal indexing
Project management tool indexing

  • Customer : Software maker (confidential)
  • Date : 2015
  • Features : CMS, small companies

Advanced search features for a CMS solution

Thanks to France Labs, a software maker can propose Datafari under a white label, in order to reinforce its products portfolion in the CMS domain. Customers can:

Search without needs for configuration into the CMS fileshares
Available 24/7 with no maintenance
Very low cost
Management of the AD available as an option
Automatic install