Big Data

The search engine can manage thousands of queries per second, using a hadoop like big data architecture, with several clustered machines.


Multilingual, spellchecker, content suggestion, entity extraction (dates, places...), results clustering, ...


Users authentication, connection to LDAP or Active Directory, document level security, encrypted connections, secured proxy


The algorithm can be fully customised, for the algorithm itself as well as for the parameters used (real time boosts, fields selection, fuzzy search...).

The user interface

100% web

Ajaxfrancelabs uses the jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax and Javascript technologies. It is compatible with most web browsers used in companies

Responsive Design

Ajaxfrancelabs uses a Responsive Design. Its display is ergonomic on large screens, tablets and smartphones.


Ajaxfrancelabs proposes a widget architecture using HTML5, configurable, movable on screen, that can be added or removed easily.


Thanks to its web architecture, Ajaxfrancelabs is easily integrated to solutions such as Typo3, SPIP, Liferay, Alfresco, Sharepoint...

More than just search !


Users can save queries, and be informed via email that documents (new or modified) match their queries.


Users can "like" search results, in order to let other users know of documents they consider as useful.


The search expert can create promolinks that are displayed above search results, based on identified keywords, and with no need to be part of the search index.


Datafari can suggest contents based on the currently displayed document, but also based on the user context.

Apache Solr

Solr is a web layer, based on Lucene. It adds functionnalites such as: web server, clustering, web pages for administration. It is not a complete search system able to connect to data and display results. It is a reliable backbone, able to scale through machines clustering, easily manageable, and supporting REST calls. You can get more information on the olr technical websiteS. Like Lucene, Solr is part of the Apache Lucene project. As such, it is available under the Apache v2 license. Solr is the reference open source search engine. It proposes advanced fucntionalities, can be easily configured, and is thus a fierce competitor against proprietary search technologies.


Ajaxfrancelabs is our web user interface framework for the search engine. Based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, it is modular to adapt to new situations. A plugin mechanism allows to add new widgets if required. Last, it has a responsive design, and thus displays ergonomically on desktop screens, smartphones and tablets.