Meet Datafari - Enterprise Search

Datafari Enterprise Search finds your data wherever they are, whatever they are. Available as Open source, Datafari comes with many connectors, a big data architecture, advanced use of Articifial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimise Relevancy.

What is Datafari?

Modular, Datafari leverages top level Big Data technologies, and integrates them to ease your work. Modular, reliable and documented Datafari is your Insight Engine, complementary to your knowledge management systems.

Learn more about Datafari

Datafari covers all the steps needed for a reliable Enterprise Search Solution. Learn how:


The phase for data retrieval from external data sources, including the full content as well as the metadata.


The phase for querying and computing the relevance, but also for displaying the results in a few milliseconds.


A complete set of automatic and manual tools to analyse, understand and optimise the relevancy of the results, based on users profiles and content.


Everything that relates to security, be it users authentication, authorisation, encryption and respect of the document level access rights.

Find your (Big!) Data

Knowledge workers spend more than 9h a week looking for documents. And they may not even find them. In knowledge management strategies for companies, organising data is one thing, but finding them is another. Datafari is a packaged search solution, big data ready, able to find all the data, thus easing internal collaboration. It acts as an Insight Engine providing a global view on your company data.

Datafari is your Enterprise Insight Engine

Big Data by Design

Datafari has been conceived with Big Data in mind. Its core design allows for a clustered distributed approach that can quickly adapt to your needs, be it in terms of performances, number of documents or users.

Key Element for Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management also encompasses knowledge mining. Our search engine allows for fully leveraging the knowledge base already in place in the organization.

Optimised Ergonomy

Datafari uses paradigms that are widespread by web search engines, used by everyone. As an extra benefit, almost no training is required.

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue

Our Insight Engine leverages all the signals generated by users to optimise its personalised search experience, using mechanisms such as machine learning, semantic entity extraction and smart autocompletion.

Controlled Cost

With Datafari, you can focus your budget on the search experience optimisation rather than on expensive licence costs, while benefiting from the latest technologies in terms of Big Data and Machine Learning.


Datafari Users can only see what they are allowed to see, which is a key priority for enterprise search scenarios. All the transmissions are highly secured via HTTPS. The use of SSO gives a seamless experience to employees.

Test our online Datafari demo !

Our online demo is a default configuration using a document set from the Energy industry. Note that everything can be configured in Datafari, so this demo is just to give you a very basic idea of what Datafari can achieve for you. We are among the few enterprise search specialists to offer such a live demo, your feedback is welcome.

Online demo