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Find your (Big!) Data

Value your data

Datafari finds your data wherever they are, whatever they are. Available as Open source, Datafari comes with many connectors, a mechanism to add new ones, a big data architecture and the possibility to secure the access to your data.

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Solid building blocks

Modular, Datafari leverages Apache technologies, and integrates them to ease your work. Modular, reliable and documented Datafari can be used as CMS, but also a building block for a third party product.


9h per week to search for internal data.

Knowledge workers spend more than 9h a week looking for documents. And they may not even find them. In knowledge management strategies for companies, organising data is one thing, but finding them is another. Datafari is a packaged search solution, big data ready, able to find all the data, thus easing internal collaboration.

The heart of a CMS

A CMS allows for organising collaboration within a company. But it is never monolithic, and only a federated search engine can fin the data wherever they are.

A key element for knowledge management

Knowledge Management also encompasses knowledge mining. Our search engine allows for fully leveraging the knowledge base already in place in the organization.

Optimised ergonomy

Datafari uses paradigms that are widespread by web search engines, used by everyone. As a side-effect, almost no training is required.

Big Data ready

Datafari uses Solr, which can index and search within hundreds of millions of documents.

Controlled costs

With Datafari, you can focus your budget on the search engine management rather than in expensive licence costs.


Users can only see what they are allowed to see

Try-it !

Install our Datafari search engine and get convinced by its power.