Datafari has an ecosystem of partners internationally, to assist you during the installation, configuration, specific development and support phases:

SHI is an integration partner of Datafari in the German speaking region. SHI GmbH is a consulting and software development company in Germany that builds search-driven applications based on open source and partner products and supports them in their further development: from conception, architecture and sizing to workshops for optimizing existing solutions and support during ongoing operations. For the technological core – consisting of Apache Solr, Apache NiFi and the Elastic Stack – SHI also offers trainings.

KMW is an integration partner of Datafari in the USA. The company is specialised in consulting and expertise activities on open source technologies such as Apache Solr and OpenSearch, and obviously in Datafari. For the latter, they integrate, configure and provide first level support for their customers.

Sease is our partner for Datafari integration, focused on the UK. Sease is an information retrieval company based in London and focused on providing R&D projects guidance and implementation, search consulting services, training, and search solutions using open source software, mainly Apache Lucene/Solr, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch and Vespa. The company is also exploring cutting-edge AI and Machine learning integrations to Search .

Adelean is a Datafari integration partner in the French-speaking world. Adelean helps companies implement powerful and relevant search engines for search, navigation, and data analysis use cases. As publishers of a2 - the search engine for e-commerce, and - the collaborative search engine, Adelean also specializes in integrating software such as Lucene, Solr, OpenSearch and the Elastic Suite. The company provides expertise and trains its customers to deploy these technologies in their information systems.


Sollan is an integration partner of Datafari in France. The company is specialised in consulting and expertise activities on Enterprise Content Management, and that includes Enterprise Search. Independant from vendors, Sollan owns expertise on several enterprise search solutions, including Datafari.

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France Labs

At the heart of Datafari, there is France Labs, surrounded by voluntary developers from the open source community, interested by search solutions.
First and foremost, France Labs is the software maker of Datafari. In addition, our team proposes its expertise on open source stacks such as Apache Solr, and Apache ManifoldCF. We are 100% committed on Open Source Enterprise Search.

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