miniDatafari is an optimised Datafari, focused on fileshare indexing. Affordable and easy to setup, it is a perfect match for small businesses, or for teams that essentially work with fileshares.

The connector

The first step for miniDatafari is to fetch the documents and data contained in your numerous fileshares.


A simplified administration User Interface to quickly index files, plus you can monitor the health of the system and manage its security.

Load management

Ability to manage the load on data sources, in terms of threads, of documents retrieved, and of documents size. Ability to manage the crawling time windows.

Processing pipeline

Possibility to create filters within the processing pipeline, including the capacity to add regular expressions to include or exclude documents or folders.


After the crawling phase, it is the second step of a search engine. Once the documents have been retrieved from the fileshares, they must ingested by the search engine, and inserted in its search index.


miniDatafari can index millions of documents.


Our monitoring tools automatically manage system failures.


Once crawling and indexing are done, the search engine will analyse the user search queries, and identify the most relevant documents.


The search interface is configured with the most frequently used facets in a file search scenario.


Internationalization, spellchecking, content suggestion, synonyms...

Smart Autocomplete

Autocomplete suggest queries to speed up and improve the search experience of the users.


In a company, security is a key element of an application. At every phase of our miniDatafari search solution, security is here to guarantee the confidentiality of the communications, as well as the conformity of the access to documents.


miniDatafari can connect to the AD or the LDAP in place to authenticate a user, and it can also autonomously manage users.


miniDatafari connects to authorisation and ACL management systems, to make sure that users can only see what they are allowed to see.


Https is being used for the communication between miniDatafari and the users, allowing for a strong encryption of the data streams.


miniDatafari has been optimised to propose a solution that can fit with even the tiniest knowledge management budgets.

A fair price

miniDatafari is available starting at 60€ per month for 10 users and up to 500 000 documents indexed

An easy-to-read pricing rule

Our prices change only based on the number of users and the number of indexed documents, via a mechanisme based on thresholds